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Malaysian workers, let us strive for our own rights from now on!


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The narrow Johor-Singapore Causeway connects the workplaces of more than a hundred thousand Malaysians to their homes. The constant traffic jams on this artery of Johor Bahru have become a familiar sight to many of us by now. Over the years, the Chinese term ‘Malaysian Labour’, used to describe a Malaysian who works in Singapore, has become widely adopted in daily conversation. These dedicated Malaysian men and women wake at the crack of dawn and brave the journey over the causeway each morning and back again late each night, all of them seeking to secure a better life for themselves and their families.

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If you are a Malaysian who has had to endure the endless jams back and forth across the causeway for the sake of your job, have you ever considered what individual rights you have in Singapore?

For example, if you get into an accident across the causeway, do you know who to turn to for help? If you are injured at work and are hoping to claim compensation, are you aware of what you are entitle to receive? If you are no longer able to work due to injury and your employer decides to terminate your employment, do you know if you are able to look for legal recourse?

Life is unpredictable and fate is a harsh mistress. Every day, Malaysians like yourself run the risk of encountering traffic and work accidents. When such a mishap befalls us, inaction and regret at the worst possible ways to deal with the situation. Instead, we need to be prepared to act and immediately seek out the most appropriate professionals and courses of action to bring these problems to a speedy resolution.

The Singapore Accident Help Centre embodies the love thy neighbor spirit shared by all Malaysians. The SAHC is a registered society in Johor Bahru, and is recognized by the Malaysian Government. We aim to provide assistance on all matters and issues that Malaysians who work in Singapore may have to face. Such assistance includes distributing road safety advisories, as well as offering financial assistance planning for medical treatment, accident investigation, psychiatric counselling, legal advice on Singapore laws and other related services.

As long as you are a Malaysian who works in Singapore, you may apply to be a member of the SAHC, regardless of your race, state, job or salary. Should you become involved in a traffic accident or work injury, all you need to do is ring up the SAHC hotline and explain the problem you are currently facing. We will devote all our efforts to providing prompt assistance to put your mind at ease by addressing any immediate and future concerns you might have.

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Our Services

In order to further improve traffic awareness, the SAHC will routinely send out advisories to all members via post and email to keep members up to date on the latest developments in road safety and road traffic laws. Such advisories ensure that our members practice safe driving habits while also helping them avoid traffic violations and any associated demerits or fines.

Planning Financial Assistance for Medical Treatment 

Traffic accidents are the most common type of accident, and are almost unavoidable if you have to cross the causeway everyday. If you’re lucky, you may escape with some damage to your vehicle, or a minor injury. If you’re unlucky, you could be crippled, or worse. Labor Law in Singapore does not provide employees who meet with traffic accidents, and if the case is left to the police to investigate, you might have to bear the cost of all losses as the owner of the vehicle.

Similarly, workplace accidents are also extremely commonplace, and Malaysians working in Singapore are always under the risk of becoming injured during the course of employment. Under the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA), as long as an employee was injured while he was doing work for the employer during working hours, the employer will have to bear the responsibility for compensation.

However, if you do meet with a traffic accident or a workplace injury, you will definitely be unable to work during the recuperation period. Due to the high costs of treatment in Singapore, as well as your residence being in Malaysia, there isn’t much of a reason to remain in Singapore for treatment. In order to lessen the burden of your medical bills, the SAHC has teamed up with various specialists clinics and hospitals in Johor to provide consultation, examination and treatment at discount prices to SAHC members. Additionally, the SAHC has also set up specialist recovery centres managed by professional physiotherapists to better help members in their recovery.

Accident Investigation

As technology improves, increasingly complex recording and tracking devices are slowly worming their way into our daily life and into our vehicles. In the past, when two drivers were involved in an accident, the only method to determine who was at fault was to obtain eyewitness accounts and descriptions of the event from each driver. When no eyewitnesses are available, neither party would be willing to admit fault, eventually both ending up in messy and costly court proceedings.

Ever since car owners start installing recording equipment on their cars, the method of investigating the cause of an accident has changed as well. Many cars now have equipment that captures a video record of the drivers’ view as well as information on the drivers actions. Many of these drivers often upload recordings of accidents to online video platforms.

The SAHC is familiar with such technology, and is able to make use of Singapore’s robust social media platforms to perform broad searches for evidence of the accident. with just basic information of the accident, the SAHC will likely be able to track down recordings captured by equipment in the cars of eyewitnesses. This will enable us to discover the truth behind the accident, and may even help us to identify traffic violations, allowing us to file criminal charges. The SAHC is able to use any obtained evidence to protect the vehicle owner from legal action, while simultaneously avoiding arguments and disputes.

Legal Advice (On Singapore Law)

The law has typically been viewed as a confusing and complicated subject. Even so, the law has a huge impact on our daily lives. If you are a Malaysian working in Singapore, the risk of encountering a traffic accident while across the causeway or sustaining a workplace injury is always a pressing concern. The SAHC has thus made the protection of every Malaysian’s individual rights its primary purpose. The SAHC is dedicated to guiding members toward the best possible legal path to bring their case to an expedient resolution.

When you’re faced with a dispute over a traffic accident that occurred in Singapore, or a Singaporean employer who has ignored your rights to compensation, the first thing you should do is to dial SAHC hotline. The SAHC will assign our team of qualified legal professionals to speak with you and gain a better understanding of your circumstances, allowing us to provide appropriate legal advice and opinion on relevant issues. They will explain how you should proceed with the legal claim under the Singaporean law, and are willing to guide you every step of the way.

Discounted Group Insurance Rates

Our association is actively negotiating with some major insurance companies to purchase collective insurance so that our members can enjoy lower insurance rates.

Psychological Counselling

The SAHC also offers psychiatric and counselling services, ensuring emotional and mental support for accident victims and their families to overcome depression. Through the counselling process, our psychologists aim to allow patients to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and repair/sustain their relationships with others. The goal is for patients to be able to tap on these social bonds to overcome the mental stress and pressure they may be facing after the accident, allowing the victims to quickly return to their regular lives.

Ambulance Services

We are currently negotiating with companies providing ambulance services for reasonable prices in the transportation of accident victims from Singapore hospitals back to Malaysia for treatment. Should our association have the means to operate our own ambulances in the future, we will provide free ambulance services in future.

Emergency Towing And Repair Services

Should you require emergency towing services immediately after the accident, please call our association or towing services provided by us.

After completion of investigation, your damaged vehicle must be collected within 7 days from the traffic police compound; failing which storage fees will be levied. Our association can offer towing services to transport your damaged vehicle out of the traffic police vehicle compound and direct you to suitable car repair workshops to engage repair works with.

Other related services

Malaysians working in Singapore constantly run the risk of being in a situation where their vehicle is rendered inoperable by an accident. In Singapore, if a vehicle owner leaves his car or motorcycle on the road side for more than 4 hours, the police will tow the vehicle to the nearest police station. The vehicle owner will subsequently have to pay a fine as well as parking fees for the use of the police station’s car park, which could total more than SGD$1,000.00 if the vehicle was not collected quickly.

The SAHC, in cooperation with professional towing companies in Johor, offers a tow service to return your vehicle to Johor as soon as possible, saving you from paying any additional fees and fines. As soon as your vehicle breaks down within Singapore, contact the SAHC hotline immediately and we will arrange for a tow truck to rush to your location and return your vehicle to Johor Bahru for repairs. The cost of the service is reasonable, saving you both your valuable time and money. Keep in mind that the cost of the tow service is also recoverable from the insurance company.

DOs & DON’Ts

Protect yourself, install vehicle video recorder and get a big reward

Motorcyclists are exceptionally vulnerable. In case of accident, very often with injury to the head, they are unable to recall anything relating to the accident. The result is the other party will take advantage of the situation and allege that you were at fault. As such, you are urged to install both front and back vehicle video recorder on your bike. This will serve to protect you against wrongful accusation. In addition, it may earn you handsome reward when your camera capture 3rd party accidents. We are partnering with an organization that will provide up to RM10,000.00 if your video can help.

Never engage your employer’s recommended Lawyers!

You should never use your employer’s recommended lawyers after your accident as they may be more inclined to protect your employer’s interests and not yours. Your employer is legally obliged to pay all your hospitalization fees incurred in Singapore. Your employer will therefore be anxious to recover them by engaging their own lawyer to act for you in order that the hospitalization fees that they have paid for you can be directly deducted from your injury claim. As such, this may result in your claim amount being significantly reduced.

Never use the car workshop’s Lawyers

Prior to April 2016, claims for vehicle damage are usually undertaken by the workshops through their lawyers. Personal injury claims would then be proceeded with separately by the victims’ own lawyer. From April 2016 onwards, it is no longer possible to sue for vehicle damage claim separately from the personal injury claim.

To prevent cash flow problems and to secure their repair costs as quickly as possible, these car workshops would instruct their lawyers to exaggerate their repair costs, while accepting a lower liability by the wrongful party. This would affect the compensation amount you would get under your personal injury claim.


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