Providing Support for Working Malaysians

The narrow Johor-Singapore causeway connects the workplaces of more than a hundred thousand Malaysians to their homes. Every day, dedicated Malaysians wake at the crack of dawn and brave the journey over the causeway, seeking to secure a better life for themselves and their families.

As you wait in the endless traffic jams each morning, have you ever considered how best to protect your individual rights? If you get in an accident in Singapore, who should you turn to for help? If you’re injured at work and your employer refuses to report your accident to the M.O.M., who should you turn to for advice?




Protect both yourself and your individual rights! Make the correct choice and immediately contact the SAHC service centre hotline for advice!

As long as you’re a Malaysian who works in Singapore, you may apply to be a part of the SAHC, regardless of your race, state, job or income.

Should you become involved in an accident, we will devote all our efforts to immediately contacting your next-of-kin and providing prompt assistance. For more information, please visit our website at