If a Malaysian gets into an accident in Singapore, what should they do? Who should they contact?

If you or someone else has been injured, immediately contact the emergency services (POLICE: 999; AMBULANCE: 995) to rush the injured party to hospital.

 If the accident is work related, the injured should take the following steps once their condition has stabilized:

  1. Contact Us – We will advise you in detail on the subsequent steps to take to achieve the best possible outcome for yourself.

If the accident is traffic related, the vehicle owner (or driver) should immediately take the following steps:

  1. Record the details of the accident – Record the license plate numbers and vehicle models of the vehicles involved, as well as the personal details and insurance company of all drivers and passengers involved. If possible, also try to record the names and addresses of possible witnesses to the accident and take photos of the involved vehicles from several angles.
  2. Contact Us – We will work with various professional organizations to provide as much support as possible, and advise you on the subsequent steps to take.


The law can be a complex and intimidating subject. If you are a Malaysian working in Singapore, the risks of encountering an accident, whether on the road or at work, are always present. Being unfamiliar with the laws of

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Singapore could put you at a disadvantage in your claim.

The SAHC is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals and guiding victims of accidents to take the best possible legal path to bring their case to an expedient resolution.

When you’re faced with a dispute over a traffic accident that occurred in Singapore, or a  dispute with a Singaporean employer who has ignored your rights to compensation or failed to report your workplace accident, the first thing you should do is to dial the SAHC hotline.

The SAHC will guide you through each step of your legal claim, and will assign our team of qualified legal professionals to advise you and explain how you should proceed with the legal claim under Singaporean law.